Bringing consciousness to conversations is extremely important, and I’ve had many conversations about this recently and people have asked, how do you remember small details? How do you remember people’s names? I have a couple of quick tricks that I think you can implement that will help you be more focused and remember more details about people, more often.

Repeat Their Name

First, I like to say people’s names. If they introduce themselves and they say, “Hi, my name is Susan.” I will say, “Hi, Susan. It’s really nice to meet you.” If an opportunity comes up throughout the conversation, I will try to say their name again. Towards the end of the conversation, as we’re ending, I’ll say, “Susan, it was very nice to meet you.” Saying their names over and over again helps to leave an imprint on your mind so that you can remember the next time you see Susan’s face, “Oh, her name is Susan.”


The second thing I like to do is if during conversations someone gives you small details, for example, I’m married or I have a couple of kids who like to play sports, I will do a quick visualization for myself and I’ll just imprint a small picture of a kid playing soccer or playing football and try to visualize it. This is something that helps me remember so that when I see Susan again, I remember her name and I remember the small details about her family that she had shared. You wouldn’t believe how happy this makes someone. To feel like you’re seen and heard and that what you have to say matters.

Stay Conscious

Lastly, and most importantly is being conscious, being present. When you’re having a conversation with somebody, are you fully present? Are you noticing? Are you daydreaming? Are you multitasking? Are you checked out? Are you talking over the other person? Or are you curious? Are you listening to what they have to say and reflecting back what you hear? We can implement the Four Cs in everything that we do. It’s about bringing your consciousness up, which will help you be more engaged, have more conscious conversations and be able to retain more information that is shared so that the next time you see this person, you can say, “Hey Susan, I remember you mentioned you were married, and both your kids played sports. How are they doing?” People want to be remembered. People want to feel like you see them and that you hear them.

These are just a few small little tricks that you can implement in daily conversations that will help you remember little details, stay engaged and more connected with those around you. Just like with everything this takes practice. Where things really begin to change is when you can start bringing consciousness into your everyday practices to make your relationships and conversation more valuable.

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