How to Remember Little Details in Conversations

Bringing consciousness to conversations is extremely important, and I’ve had many conversations about this recently and people have asked, how do you remember small details? How do you remember people’s names? I have a couple of quick tricks that I think you can implement that will help you be more focused and remember more details […]

Weekly Intention: Why Am I Talking?

“Listen to silence. It has so much to say.” – Rumi Have you ever wondered to yourself “Why Am I Talking?” Have you ever stopped and really thought about it? Or, have you ever noticed how often you get the urge to interject your opinion? Earlier this year I heard someone share this tip and […]

Weekly Intention: Setting Yourself Up for Success By Taking a Pause

What can do you today to set yourself up for success tomorrow? Every action we take today is either reinforcing an old habitual pattern OR it is creating a new one. I am always curious about how we can plant seeds today that reflects the beauty of the garden we wish to see tomorrow. If […]

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