What can do you today to set yourself up for success tomorrow?

Every action we take today is either reinforcing an old habitual pattern OR it is creating a new one. I am always curious about how we can plant seeds today that reflects the beauty of the garden we wish to see tomorrow.

If you’re feeling stuck, try these new intentions & observe if it shifts anything for you and moves you towards the success you’re seeking.

Take a Pause

The single most powerful intention I have been working with is the Pause. As you become more aware of your actions, thoughts and reactions it’s important to catch yourself & take that Pause. In my experience we become stuck when we follow the same pattern, the idea of the Pause is to momentarily break that pattern & hopefully create a new one. We take a Pause to bring our attention & awareness back to self so that we can feel more grounded & make the decisions that will benefit us in a positive way.

Start Right Now

If you’re asking yourself, when should you start this? My answer would be – Start Right Now. Always Start Right Now. Anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, unsure of a decision, take a Pause & Start Right Now.

Next, try asking yourself these questions:

  1. What can I control?
  2. How am I feeling?
  3. What can I do next?
  4. What outcome am I hoping for?

If you catch yourself starting to swirl or worry about a situation, take a Pause & remind yourself to Start Right Now. When we operate from this space, we might start to observe conversations are easier, safer & within our control.

Give it a try & see what shifts for you.

Don’t be afraid to Activate Your Humanity.

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