Weekly Intention: I am always enough

This topic has come up quite a bit for me lately, so it seems only fitting that I really lean into my new weekly intention: I am always enough. I had a pretty profound realization over the last week. I realized that I am continually measuring myself against my own yardstick, which is completely unrealistic. […]

Weekly Intention: Why Am I Talking?

“Listen to silence. It has so much to say.” – Rumi Have you ever wondered to yourself “Why Am I Talking?” Have you ever stopped and really thought about it? Or, have you ever noticed how often you get the urge to interject your opinion? Earlier this year I heard someone share this tip and […]

Weekly Intention: Setting Yourself Up for Success By Taking a Pause

What can do you today to set yourself up for success tomorrow? Every action we take today is either reinforcing an old habitual pattern OR it is creating a new one. I am always curious about how we can plant seeds today that reflects the beauty of the garden we wish to see tomorrow. If […]

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